Fun With Fanny: Cooking with Korean Ingredients


"Fun with Fanny: Cooking with Korean Ingredients" is a new cooking show in Chinese language (Cantonese) starring New York local personality and popular blogger, Fanny Lawren.

Program Schedule (starting Nov 1st):
  ~   Sinovision 63.4 – Thursday 8:55 EST
(live broadcast at and Sinovision mobile app)
  ~   TVB1 – Friday 6pm EST
TVB2 – Friday 9pm EST
  ~   YouTube / Youku (coming up)

The show, a three-episode series, is designed to inform and inspire the younger generation about using some traditional ingredients such as dried abalone, dried sea cucumber and shitake mushrooms at home. "Dried seafood has always been highly coveted by Chinese home cooks and professional chefs not only as vital flavor builders, but are themselves precious ingredients frequently used in iconic dishes served during celebratory and festive occasions," explained Wendy Chan of Definity Marketing, New York, the executive producer, consultant of aT Center, New York. Premium grade dried abalone and sea cucumber, also prized for their nutritional benefits, are among the most desirable specialty food to Chinese consumers and rank alongside the most expensive ingredients in the world such as truffles and caviar.

"Many working mothers like myself are eager to cook with these ingredients at home, but find it a bit intimidating," stated Fanny Lawren, show host and a working mother of three. "I hope I can encourage more food enthusiasts like me to endeavor cooking with what our mothers and grandmothers were so comfortably doing. If I can manage, I believe many busy multi-tasking home cooks can too!"

"There is a growing demand of high quality dried seafood from a trusted source," said Hyoungwan Oh, president of aT Center, New York. "We are pleased that our dried abalone and dried sea cucumber, along with other quality produce such as shitake exported from Korea, are gaining wide acceptable by discerning, sophisticated Chinese consumers."

Produced by SeeFood Media, and directed by James Beard Award Winner (Video Webcast) Jamie Tiampo, this cooking show series is setting a new high bar for original broadcast quality production carried by local Chinese cable channels. Tiampo is himself a culinary educator, photographer, and a director of International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP).

As an importer of South Korean sea cucumber and abalone, Po Wing Hong works closely with manufacturers to ensure the quality of these products. We are proud sponsors of this program.



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