Cordycep Flower

English name: Cordycep Flower
Chinese name: 蟲草花

What is cordycep flower?

  • Cordycep flower is not technically a flower, it is a cultured cordycep fruiting body that is a fungus.
  • Cordycep flower is similar to other Chinese mushrooms, it can be eaten and prepared as other ordinary mushrooms. The only difference is its species and the conditions in which cordycep flowers are grown.

Nutritional Value of Cordycep Flower

  • For those people who suffer seasonal allergies with cough symptoms, add cordycep flower to soup tonics. It helps to moisten the throat, and is beneficial for emphysema and bronchitis.
  • Other benefits: improve cardiovascular disease, anti-aging, and helps reduce fatigue.

How do I select Cordycep Flower?

  • Cordyceps flower has a unique scent, such as the aroma of mushrooms.
  • Select the ones that are bright orange yellow color, higher quality cordycep flower are more bulbous and have thicker stems.

Suggested Recipes:

  • Cordycep flower and chicken soup cooked in double boiler.
  • Cordycep flower with pork rib soup.

* Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone currently under medication should consult their physician before taking any health supplements.

  • Cordycep Flower
    Cordycep Flower

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